Get Your Life Together Podcast #1 Meteorologist Andrew Kozak

The first episode of the “Get Your Life Together” podcast! This show is meant to help people who are investigating different career paths. My hope is for people listening to gain insight into what different jobs are like once they are in the thick of employment. From how different occupations affect your social life, relationships and sleep schedule – to what a typical day in the life of that work looks like.

Kicking things off with TV Meteorologist Andrew Kozak!


Hope you enjoyed the first episode! Feel free to reach out to me with requests at @NuggetInTheAM or


8 thoughts on “Get Your Life Together Podcast #1 Meteorologist Andrew Kozak

  1. Donald Burelson

    This is great! I’d love to be a meteorologist. Here’s what I would like to know: at 35, can I make a career change to that If I go to school for it? I’ve always loved weather. Thanks. And hope to hear back!

    • nuggetjohnson

      Based on what Andrew said, as long as you are willing to work your way up!

  2. Christina Denker

    Loved this! Andrew come back to Wichita! Leon who you worked with is retiring. We need you back đŸ™‚

  3. Jim

    Ok, on tv and making that little? That’s nuts. I thought they were all paid well even in smaller towns. Nice podcast!

    • nuggetjohnson

      When I first heard I had the same reaction! Thank you!!

  4. Jane Nanchez

    This was great, Nugget! Now let’s get Andrew Kozak back on TV in Memphis! I watched him and listen to you (and Liz) on the way to work. Two of the best (and not to mention handsome) “media” guys in Memphis!

  5. Manny Pickerson

    This is great! I hope we can see Andrew Kozak back on the airwaves in Memphis!

  6. Emma Torkleson

    Where is Andrew going now that he is not on Channel 5?

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