Get Your Life Together Podcast #8 Musical Artist “Logic”

Hey guys! Sorry about the audio quality on this one, we were at Beale Street Music Fest in Memphis and the rules about bringing in recording equipment were pretty strict. They even took my tripod because they thought it was a selfie stick! In this interview, Logic talks about the start of his career and gives advice on what someone could do to help break into the industry.

Get Your Life Together Podcast #6 Former Athletic Trainer, Crossfit Gym Owner Justin Emmons

Justin Emmons talks about being a personal and athletic trainer, then dives into diet trends like Keto and intermittent fasting. Please support the podcast by subscribing on YouTube and iTunes!

Get Your Life Together Podcast #2 Club DJ “DJ Epic”

In the second episode of the podcast, DJ Epic explains how he was able to make a living being a club/event DJ


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Get Your Life Together Podcast #1 Meteorologist Andrew Kozak

The first episode of the “Get Your Life Together” podcast! This show is meant to help people who are investigating different career paths. My hope is for people listening to gain insight into what different jobs are like once they are in the thick of employment. From how different occupations affect your social life, relationships and sleep schedule – to what a typical day in the life of that work looks like.

Kicking things off with TV Meteorologist Andrew Kozak!


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