Nugget Eating Challenge!

The way I got the name “Nugget” was from beating a 350lb guy in a chicken nugget eating contest 8 years ago. I wanted to see if I could pass up my record of 42 to his 39. Check out the video to see if I made it! After the challenge I started my 36-hour fast. Update on how that went coming soon!


3 thoughts on “Nugget Eating Challenge!

  1. Carl Hampshire

    1. This is amazing
    2. You look sick toward the end
    3. Did you buy them or did your friend buy them? If he bought them is very suspect that he didn’t even have one.
    4. In all seriousness you guys play well off each other. You should co host a radio show with no topics off limits. You seem to push his buttons since he seems a little bit more buttoned-up. That kind of Yin and Yang works really well. This is coming from someone with 20 years of experience out of California. Good luck!

    • nuggetjohnson

      Hey thank you!

  2. Lindsay McNamara

    Oh my god, please do a follow up on this to show us how you’re feeling. Also GO FOR 50! How could you not do 5 more!!!!!!????
    HI Andrew Kozak!

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